Fillers and Putties

  • Fibral Lite 1US Quart Tin

    Fibral Lite 1US Quart Tin

    Fibral Lite Fiberglass Filler takes the place of both short and long strand products. Its lightweight formula can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Spreads like a short strand yet bridges holes like a long strand Non-sagging even on vertical...

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  • Liquid Gold Putty 615ml

    Liquid Gold Putty 615ml

    Liquid Gold is a pinhole resistant, semi-flexible pourable glazing putty designed to fill minor dents and imperfections on most substrates. Perfect for rock chips and door dings or as a skim coat Smooth spreading, easy sanding Quick drying - solvent...

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  • Liteweight Gold Body Filler (3L)

    Liteweight Gold Body Filler (3L)

    LITEWEIGHT GOLD FILLER GOLD™     Liteweight Gold features a smooth, creamy formula, making this premium lightweight filler easy to work, spread and sand. The versatility of a non-sagging formula combined with superior filling...

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